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Mike Murphy

“When I first started Smart Fitness training, I lived in Windermere – just five minutes away from the facility. Recently we sold our house and moved to College Park. Even though our move meant an additional 25 to 30 minute drive for each training session, I never gave this a thought or considered giving up the program. Many thanks for all the good work you do.”

Evelyn King

“I travel approximately 20 minutes to workout at Smart Fitness because it’s worth my health & well being!  It’s a short exercise time with tremendous results. Within 2 weeks of working out with Andrew, just 2 days a week, I lost inches, had more energy & my joints felt better. I particularly love the one-one training session & the cool & semi-private environment that allows me to work on my health without sacrificing too much of my routine schedule.”


“When I began at Smart Fitness, it was just something different to try from my normal training, where I thought I wasn’t really seeing any results any longer.  I thought it might be a temporary way to mix things up with my training, but a year and a half later, I am still at it, even though I moved a year ago and now have a half hour drive.  With the Smart Fitness method and Andrew as my trainer, I know I am getting the most out of my body due to the intensity level and focus on the muscles.  The extra 15 minutes I drive to Smart Fitness rather than another gym is well worth it!”

Kevin Stewart

“I hesitantly contacted Andrew when in search of personal training because I wasn’t sure this short and low impact training would give me results. My goal was to improve strength and to find an exercise lifestyle that was not time consuming and was something I could keep up with long term. I have been working with Andrew for 16 months and I am pleased with the results. For only two 20 minute sessions a week, I am surprised not everyone is signed up. He is very accommodating with your schedule and fitness goals. He loves what he does and will work with you to get you where you want to be.”


“Within one year and at age 60, we have managed to reduce the drugs to only 4 medications and my doctors tell me that with continued work, there is a strong likelihood that I will become prescription- free with greater strength and weight loss as an added bonus. I have a terrific trainer and I am ecstatic!”

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