If we can all agree on one thing, it may just be that 2020 was a year we never want to repeat again!   

At least it will provide for some good memes and catch phrases.

“What in the 2020 was that?!”

Ha!   Oh man…

If we take anything positive away from 2020, it’s R and R. 

Rest and Relaxation? Well, maybe (for some).   But not what I meant.   What I mean is,  Resourceful and Resilient.

Those two words paired with a BIG OL’ HEAPING CUP OF….Health.  This is what got many us of through.  

MARCH 2020 (when it all shut down)

(Feel free to read this with Morgan Freeman’s voice narrating lol)

As you know, we came to a screeching halt mid March.   I remember the exact date because it was Spring Break for our schools.

Schools, teachers and parents were all in mutual shock that the kids were not returning after Spring Break. 

Nurses, EMT, Doctors and hospital staff, already OVERWHELMED.

Small Businesses (like us), CLOSED.

Standing in front of our closed business praying this lock down wouldn’t be long. We were closed for 10 weeks. Photo cred: Jason Cannon @ Cannonfire Photography

Layoffs….so many layoffs.

Disney….ok, Disney closing it’s gates DURING SPRING BREAK was when I finally knew SOMETHING HAS GONE AWRY!

So, what did we do?


We all resorted to Zoom, Google Duo, Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom, Facetime, Tik Tok, You Tube…we relied on video!

Oh, the pant-less video calls. How can we ever top it?

Who else over 40 learned a Tik Tok dance? Just me? ok, nevermind….

If Video killed the Radio Star, 2020 killed hand shakes, hugs, face to face interactions and the Chick-Fil-A dining room. 

stacey Noble

Lee and Priscilla Working Hard AT HOME with soup cans via Google Duo!

Video was just the beginning. We figured out, there are ways to work around a Pandemic.

We became…


So many of us just figured out how to survive this year.

  • Nurses, Doctors and medical staff became the real heroes.
  • Parents and Teachers worked together AT HOME.
  • Distilleries made hand sanitizer (I think the Lumber Yards missed the boat on the TP though…)
  • People dusted off their sewing machines to make masks.
  • Corporations moved their staff to “work at home”.
  • Restaurants moved to take out only.
  • Grub Hub, Door Dash, Insta Cart, Shipt, Amazon, etc…..that became our saving grace.
  • Grocery Store employees became “essential workers”.

And we small gym owners, we, well we cried a bit, worried a lot and then brainstormed.   

WHAT THE HECK were we going to do?  

Our NEW 2020 Plan

Well, we reached out to all of our clients and begged them to stay with us (not even lying)

We reached out to Abel (our other Trainer) and figured out how the heck we could keep him on board!

Then, we offered on line or video workouts to anyone who wanted them.

Jean and Randy Putting in the work AT HOME!

We dropped off equipment to some who needed it.

We hosted LIVE 30 minute workouts on Facebook every Monday, Wedsnesday and Friday (Facebook Live Videos Here)

We communicated to our clients as much as we could and finally we reopened in May (thankfully).

Then we made sure our clients felt SAFE. Masks, social distancing, staggered appointments and a SUPER CLEAN environment. Oh and hand sanitizer…..TEQUILA! (only our clients will get this)

We were pleasantly surprised that over 85% of our clients returned. Even better, we had new people signing up! HEALTH PREVAILS!


It wasn’t any political party that kept our country moving forward.   It was resilient people.   Hard working, resourceful and resilient people.   

These two ladies never missed a Monday!

Instead of looking at what we USE TO DO, we focused on the NEW NORM and what we CAN do now.  

Not without complaining, but hey.

Woody pushing through!

Thankfully, we could bring back our Trainer, Abel and added TWO Massage Therapists, Josie and Michael, to our team this year!

Amy Bartek with Abel, Josie and Andrew receiving Client Of The Month and Winning our NO EXCUSE NOVEMBER Challenge!

Resilience is how you survive anything.   So, if you are reading this and you made this year work, despite the obstacles, then you my friend, are resilient.   YOU can do anything with this super power!

But you need one more thing…


Health is not some fleeting trend that will go out of style.   It is lifelong (get it).   Health is our passion and it is what we continue to preach.   2020 showed us that health is priceless and an asset you should own.

So what do you want in 2021?

  • More Money
  • A bigger home
  • A better car
  • Fancy clothes 

Or will Health top your list? 


First, things first, get your MINDSET in check. Your Health is 100% Mindset.

  1. Start a 5 minute Action. It can be anything, prep a meal, schedule a workout, do some squats, BREATHE, open a book, drink a cup of water. Just start something that will benefit your health and take 5 minutes to do it. Chances are 5 minutes will lead to 10, then 15 and so on.
  2. Don’t Smoke (this is common sense)
  3. Drink More Water (and if you think you drink a lot, drink more)
  4. BE ACTIVE. Move! Commit to something that makes you move and schedule time for you!
  5. Eat Healthy. Less Salt, less sugar. More whole foods! and yes, VEGETABLES! Eat them.

Bonus Tips: Wash your hands often and DON’T TOUCH YOUR FACE!

START SMART! (savings below!)

We want everyone who walks through our doors to have a fighting chance at getting healthier! Therefore, we are offering all new clients ONE MONTH FREE when they make a 6 month commitment. It takes 21 days to build a habit. We are here to help you get started and see that you keep working towards your health goals all year long!


Thank you doesn’t feel like enough. We can not express the gratitude that we have for our clients who stuck it through with us this year. You are the reason we are still open. You are the reason we can end this year on a high note. Please know that we appreciate each and every one of you. The new clients who walked through our doors after this chaos and trusted our services. The long term clients who have been with us year after year, some of which we call our Founding Members (you are like family to us) and everyone who has walked through our doors at any given time to spend their time with us. We THANK YOU! We are here for you! Let us know how we can serve you better.

Yours in Health,

The Smart Fitness Team (Andrew, Stacey, Abel, Michael and Josie)


Thank You Veterans!

Veterans Day honors all of those who have served the country in war or peace.  We would like to honor the Veterans at Smart Fitness. 

Our Clients, Our Heroes

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In 2020, an estimated 276,480 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed in women in the U.S.


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