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This content was originally posted on Lean Green DAD and is being shared with permission from the author.

When I first started thinking about getting back to work after my flare with ulcerative colitis, there were a lot of things to consider. You see, I am in an extremely active line of work. I play Dory in Finding Nemo: The Musical at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park. If you aren’t familiar with the show, it is a huge spectacle filled with musical theatre actors who are also mechanical puppeteers. Some of us are even called upon to fly through the air to add to this multi-dimensional show! So as you can imagine, jumping right back into that world after losing about 15 pounds of muscle mass was…well…daunting. But where to begin? How was I to slowly build back that muscle mass while still being cautious and mindful of all I had been through? The thought of moving too fast and landing myself back where I started was a real concern. So I started walking, taking it slow, which was great at the beginning…but I knew I needed more. Enter Andrew Noble. Cory had asked me to listen to his interview with our friend Andrew, who had recently opened a fitness studio called Smart Fitness. Sometimes Cory asks me to take notes for the website show notes. As I listened I got more and more drawn in by learning about the style of workout Andrew had created. I found myself saying, “Yeah! I could totally jive with this workout. This might be EXACTLY what I need to get back on track!”

Andrew has been honing this workout for many years. He began in a chiropractor’s office…a place where injury and fatigue in patients are common. The slow-style workout he had designed was created to protect the body while still being able to strengthen the muscles. And he also added an element that is music to any busy parent’s ears: it would only take 20 minutes twice a week! So after listening to the podcast, I handed Cory my notes and said, “when do I start?” Neither of us had expected this. I have been an active person all my life, and coaching wasn’t something that I had really thought I needed. But after listening to Andrew speak, I couldn’t deny his massive amount of knowledge and recognized that I needed a jump-start. I needed someone to push me in a healthy way that wouldn’t cause further damage to my already weakened frame. I was in.

My first workouts were on the easier side…in fact one of his other clients made a joke that I was smiling on the way out the door! I knew that we had to start slow and I was happy to do so. But her comment made me realize that Andrew was going to see where I was at physically, and then the real work would begin. He took my cues and designed this workout specifically for my needs as a person while considering any injuries or sensitivities in my past. I am currently a month into my workouts with Andrew and I can already see the positive changes in my body. I was able to go back to work last week and feel confident that I had the strength to get through this massive show that I love so much. Each day I enter the Smart Fitness studio, my workouts get more and more challenging. I never feel unsafe. There have been times where, in the past, I’ve done an Insanity or P-90X video, and in the “insanity” of it all, tweaked my knee or moved my body in an odd way that left me slightly off for a time. I never have this worry at Smart Fitness. Andrew guides me through proper form every step of the way and the slow controlled movements not only protect my body, but also give me a maximum workout in an extremely short amount of time! Obviously, I cannot say enough good things about this workout. It has been the best way for me to hit the “reset” button, and I am so looking forward to continuing this forward motion. I think anyone looking to jump start his or her fitness can benefit from this type of workout. And you CANNOT beat the time commitment! 20 minutes. Twice a week. Do you live in Central Florida and are still not sure this is for you? Try it out for free, absolutely no obligation. Just visit gosmartfitness.com and sign up for your free cconsultation and workout with Andrew. You will be glad you did!