Lee Cockerell Testimonial

Lee Cockerell

Lee Cockerell

VP Operations Disney- Retired and inspired.

Why does Lee spend his time wisely with our 20min twice a week program?

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Andrew: What motivated you initially to find an exercise program you could stick with?

Lee: I got hurt in the gym doing it by myself without a trainer doing too much weight with bends and dips. I hurt my shoulder.  I have learned in life to get an expert if you want to do something well. That’s what has happened here. I have been working out with you for almost 7 years and I feel stronger than when I was 20 years old. I can pick up my 12 foot ladder go in the house and get things done. I don’t have any back pain and it all makes a lot of sense for bone density. I don’t want to be one of those people that falls and breaks a hip ending up in a walker or wheelchair for the next 20 years. Being stronger and avoid any serious injuries from falls

Andrew: Compared to other things, how does Smart Fitness differentiate from other programs?

Lee: The one thing it does is I have it scheduled with you and I have to come in. With anything you have to schedule the priorities in life. I know 9:40am Tues/Fri I know where I am going to be, even if I don’t want to do it. It puts the pressure on to get you to do the right thing. Most people need a lot of push in exercising because they don’t want to do it. I would say that it’s even more important than aerobics now, I feel much better with this. Aerobics are okay. I read an article that says it’s very important after 50 that strength training is twice as important as aerobics. It just works for me.

Andrew: What allows you to maintain progression in our workouts?

Lee: I have gotten stronger because I have a trainer like you standing there making me do that last 1 or 2 moves. If I was by myself I think my brain would give up before my arms and I would think I couldn’t do it. Really important for someone who is training, they need someone to push them just that little bit more ends up making the difference, the last 1 or 2 is the discipline that makes you stronger.

Andrew: We talked about consistency, what has allowed you to be consistent?

Lee: I have it scheduled and you have been flexible with my travel schedule. Its 20 minutes, nice and cool AC is low, workout then head off to the airport. For a lot of people not having to dress and undress which can take an hour or more, it works very well for me.

Andrew: In terms of injuries, any minor or major injuries to share?

Lee: I had a rotator cuff problem from when I was working out a the gym by myself and going way too low. Didn’t even know you were supposed to do that and I had to go to physical therapy for 6 months to get it back in shape. That was the most serious I had but jerking the weights instead slow movements like this does. I had no idea there was anything like this slow movement weight training. That is the key I think. It is true, when you go slow you can do what you can’t do. I worried about my rotator cuff but we can still work at a high level of intensity. As it turns out I have gotten stronger.

Andrew: What do you like about the way our facility is setup?

Lee: I like the 1 on 1, not trying to work with 2 or 3 people at the same time. Makes it efficient and I know I am getting paid attention to. You make sure I am sitting up straight and you are watching the movement that I am doing, yea 1 on 1 with somebody focused on you.

Andrew: At 73 years old what have your strength gains been?

Lee: They are significant! I show it to my wife every time I take my shirt off.  You can start at anytime, its gradual and Andrew is good at working slowly with you when you are just starting out to make sure nobody gets hurt. I must say it improves your self confidence to get stronger. When you get stronger, everything feels better. Its been proven, exercise does a lot for your brain.

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Lee Cockerell



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